Automotive warehouse and Milk-run

Automotive Warehouse and Milk-run


We deliver high-quality and value added services for our customers in automotive industry.

Transportation service

To achieve low-cost transportation, we provide optimized truck services with high-density loading ratios and increased working ratios of trucks. In addition, we offer a wide range of options to meet your demands such as milk-run services, widespread consolidated loading services, and mainline delivery/transit delivery using our distribution and X-Dock center. Just in time Delivery, taking what you need when you need it, this is the concept of JIT (just in time) methodology initially invented by a Japanese car manufacture. To minimize the logistics cost and inventory cost of your company, we provide various delivery method including multi-frequency delivery and production order delivery linked with the production plan.

Warehouse service

To meet the varying demands of our customers, we provide suitable warehouse service with flexible solutions, such as using our own warehouse management system (WMS). Import center, a seamless service for all import operations such as import customs clearance, devanning (unloading), storage in a variety of packages, and delivery to the end-user. Export center, a seamless service for all export operations such as freight booking, export packaging, documentation preparing, customs clearance management, shipping arrangement, and low-cost packaging design suits for air/sea transportation that meet the requirements of different countries. Distribution center, receiving customers' products and making deliveries to the end-user with packing/repacking conversion, inspection before delivery. X-Dock center, once we receive the product at warehouse, we promptly sort it out per each destinations and load onto truck without any temporary storage. Reduction of lead time and improvement of truck loading ratio, can minimize the inventory cost for your business.

Consistent outsourcing service

We provide consistent outsourcing services such as procurement logistics, on-site logistics, production logistics, after-service logistics, and other peripheral logistics.

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