Domestic transportation and distribution

Domestic Transportation and Distribution


Eternity provide the transport solutions design, tailor-made solution, to be suitable for the customers’ requirements which is the various type of industries covered to our transportation network in all nation wide distribution and neighboring countries in Asian Economic Community (AEC), with a wide range of vehicle types of truck such as the vehicle of 4Wheeled truck to 18 wheeled truck, which is ambient and temperature controlled truck (25 Celsius to -25celcius).

Covered the long-distance chartered transport, combined transport, milk run services, special products transport, etc. We achieve delivery on schedule, for FMCG, special care and sensitive goods, promotion orders, to B2B, Modern trade DC and B2C to customer deliveries.

GPS Technology for Real-time Visibility & Traceability & Safety
  • Track & Trace Monitoring by our dedicated staffs at ETG’S head office.

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