In order to ensure management in compliance with laws and regulations, the LOGISTEED Group Thailand has put in place a system to clarify compliance functions and set a compliance basic policy including matters concerning anti-corruption, to be observed by all employees, to ensure thorough compliance with laws and regulations, company rules, and corporate ethics. We have also established "LOGISTEED Group Code of Conduct" defining how all employees should act in their daily operations as it is vital for the entire group not only to comply with laws and regulations, including anti-corruption laws and competition laws, but also to act in accordance with corporate ethics in order to meet trust and expectations of the society. Furthermore, we ensure thorough compliance to foster a corporate culture that values corporate ethics and compliance by actively providing compliance trainings and awareness projects, including e-learning, companywide group seminars and compliance meetings.

Compliance meeting

We hold Compliance Meetings for the purpose of information sharing and opinion exchanges relating to compliance targeting persons in charge of compliance in Group companies, for familiarization with compliance-related measures including matters concerning anti-corruption and thorough prevention of scandals. (2 times/year)

LOGISTEED Group compliance reference card

Since 2016, we have been distributing the LOGISTEED Group compliance reference card to all employees of the LOGISTEED Group to promote awareness of the "LOGISTEED Group Code of Conduct."It contains a summary of the code of conduct, flowcharts to be used as a reference in difficult situations regarding compliance, and other things that will help employees to take appropriate actions. In 2018, the contents of the card were carefully selected and revised to be simpler, and easier to read and understand. The card is translated into 2 languages (Thai and English) and distributed to all of employees.

             < Main items listed on the reference card >

  • -   Occupational safety and health
  • -   Respect for human rights
  • -   Information security
  • -   Bribery or corrupt practice prevention/competition law violations
  • -   Export and import control
  • -   Environmental protection etc.

Compliance education

To build a solid corporate culture that will not accept any compliance violations, we provide rank-based group trainings for compliance education targeting new employees, young employees, new assistant managers/managers, new directors of domestic group companies, in addition to education for all employees, we provide rank-based group trainings for compliance education targeting all employees in group companies. The Corp. Gr. Compliance Department also implements training sessions travelling around sites.

LOGISTEED Group Code of Conduct Month

Since 2019, October of each year has been designated to be "LOGISTEED Group Code of Conduct Month," and we have been striving for thorough compliance with laws and regulations in the Group as a whole and establishment of corporate ethics from the example of the leadership of top leadership LOGISTEED Group.

             < Activities >

  •   • Dissemination of Top Message
  •   • Acquisition of written pledge relating to the observance of
  •     codes of conduct from all persons in management posts in the
  •     LOGISTEED Group Thailand

Whistleblowing system

The Group has established a whistleblowing system, which allows employees and other concerned parties to report illegal and/or inappropriate actions with a sense of security in order to detect and correct them early on. In addition to the internal points of contact for reporting, we have also established a system for reporting to an external lawyer as an external point of contact.

This system is available to all employees at the LOGISTEED Group Thailand, including all employees of business partners (of LOGISTEED Group Thailand.) The LOGISTEED Group protects the personal information of the caller, and ensures confidentiality of the report, as well as prohibiting any disadvantageous treatment related to the issue, in order to protect whistleblowers.

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